I am involved in an FB group that promotes visibility for individuals in their personal or business lives. The theme today was ‘Tuesday’s tips’. I got involved and talked about ‘Preparation’. Telecoms Sales is my background and it is imperative that todays sales professional is prepared. This got me to thinking about what’s on the immediate landscape for Improving Performance personal coaching.

The phrase that I used was ‘it’s what you do, before you do what you mean to do, that makes all the difference‘. To that end, I ought to walk the walk. I am formally launching my coaching practice at the end of June- beginning of July with a small workshop of invited individuals for whom it may be of benefit. It will be at a prestige Kentish location and there will be a take-out and call to action and perhaps an opportunity for on-site social activity. I might even join in myself! More later.

So, whatever you do for a living, prepare well for a more effective performance.

Have a good week

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