I’m just finishing out a busy couple of days that will, almost certainly, be the start of a momentous and memorable June for me and Improving Performance personal coaching. As I reflect on what has been and what is to come, I find that I am enjoying the journey as much as I am looking forward to the end game.The learning is incredible. The need to be multi-skilled, flexible with your time but rigid with it at the same time. Not knowing what you don’t know. Forgetting what you do know and then falling back on it.

In June….
I’ve a couple of very short videos to create – one a blog and the other a promo type visual.

I will complete my studies at the end of June with some actions already hardwired into my schedule that will take some time.A BT reunion and a BT leaver – both on the same day.

An e-book, and in conclusion, my first, showcase launch event.

the Learning?

Don’t ever allow anyone to tell you that you ‘can’t’.
Don’t allow anyone to dampen your drive, motivation or enthusiasm.
Keep away from things and people that will drain your time and energy.
And, finally, work hard to not allow your past the power to corrupt your present, with old feelings of anger, frustration or regret. It’s done. You cannot change it so let go and try to move forward, aim high and enjoy the ride.


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