It’s Sunday morning and I am having a conversation with my coach. We are nearing the end of the session when 11:00 comes, so we pause for two minutes to observe the 2 minutes silence, as I would normally do. This time, I take the time to really think about the people who have lost their lives in conflict on behalf of our Nation. The types of people. What their backgrounds might have been. What their aspirations, hopes and dreams may have been before they went to fight around the World. The reason for this reflection is because my coach remarked, just before we paused, that she thought that I was always positive, always had some ideas to work on, always engaging, always learning.

I think that she is quite right. The conclusion from this moment for reflection was a reminder that so many have made the ultimate sacrifice, which means that I enjoy the freedoms that I do today. I do what I do today because I can. We all have the beliefs and voices to say what we believe because we have the freedom to do so. We can do what we want to do for the same reason. There are amazing choices that people can make today as a result of the freedoms we now enjoy, irrespective of gender, faith, age or race.

There is a lot of negativity doing the rounds on the media platforms at the moment, but we can choose to rise above it all to make a difference in our own lives; to not waste a moment of the time that we have because of the freedoms that we have been afforded.
Why not do something positive to make a difference?
Do it today.
Because you can!

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