If recent times have taught us one thing, then that is the need to be able to think for ourselves.

There is a proliferation of people on line and in the various media purporting to be the font of knowledge. Even the ones that should be telling us  the truth are lying. At best they are spinning a lie into a truth that they can sell for their own ends. Whilst that is bad, what is worse is when we take information that we’ve heard or read somewhere and taken it to be  the truth. They say a lie will get halfway around the world  before the truth has gotten out of bed!

Just because you read it in The Mail, The Express or the Guardian doesn’t mean it’s accurate. Just because it was on the  BBC news, Sky News,, LBC or TalkRadio doesn’t mean it’s a true representation of the facts. The reality is all of these platforms are selling to you. They are selling propaganda to retain its viewing or listener base. So it’s your responsibility to decide what is true.

Do yourself a big favour. If you hear something don’t believe it. Treat it as a lie until you are able to get the facts.

Trust But Verify! You might even learn something new!

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