As careers become more fluid and less linear, a coach may be the support workers didn’t know that they needed

Coaching used to be for C -level executives. Career support for the lower level workers was defined in training programs and cost-cutting stripped those programs, leaving employees to sort out their own career development. 

Millennials came along to the workforce and they expect (or prefer) less predictable routes to advance their careers and, tend to stay in jobs for two or three years rather than decades.

People now flit from job to job and company to company, with employees assuming more of the responsibility for taking charge of their careers and career development.

At Improving performance, I am not here to solve the problems of the organisation or the business. I’m here to help employees and professionals, to start a conversation about what’s on their mind – not just people that aren’t happy in their roles but those who are satisfied workers who need help to steer their ambitions. I will work directly with companies or the employee which ever I engaged by.

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