The countdown continues for this career development program launch. We’ve been working in the background to get this program into a position to go live. A few tweaks with some automation in the background and we will be ready to go. We are aiming for the first event to be on 25th March with the subscriber event launch following soon after. In the meantime, visit our Generation X page and visit the Vlog and Blog pages for updates.

As careers become more fluid and less linear, a coach may be the support workers didn’t know that they needed. It did use to be a development benefit for Cx level executives but is now widely available to team members. More and more people, as a result of a dearth of career development opportunities at work, are investing in their own careers.

More and more Generation X’ers are taking responsibility for their own futures, their own personal growth. They’re refusing to accept the default futures that they may have and are building personal development plans in order to achieve their career advancement.

They’re frustrated at being overlooked for promotions, particularly when they are up against a bright ‘Millenial’ peer. Many are under immense pressure with finances, family and particularly at work – mortgages, rent, schooling, pensions and re-training being the main concerns. Bored. Fearful. Unvalued.

They’re still hungry though. They still have ambitions that they want to achieve and there is good news, however. The future of the Generation X worker is not bleak. Their fear is often perceived and they have so much to offer if the role is rewarding or interesting.

My aim is to engage and work with Generation X’ers with a program to get them on the road to achieving the goals and results that they dream of.

It’s their story. They have the freedom to decide how that story ends. I will help them to write the next page.

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