The current workforce is largely comprised of three generations: Baby Boomers, Generation-X’ers and Millenials. The ‘Boomers’ are retirement-ready or working later, and the Millennials are coming into their prime. Generation X’ers are stuck in the middle. And we’re vulnerable. We’re the most at-risk for being passed over for team and thought leadership roles by our younger, more agile and tech-savvy colleagues.

We’ll be unable to move up in our careers unless we start shifting some of our old mindsets — and quickly. Join me on Monday 8th April at 8:00pm GMT where the topic will be Mindset challenges. Click the link to register for an event where, as a result of attending, you will come away with a plan to achieve short term goals that will help you to level the employment playing field. In addition, I will send you your own personal S.W.O.T analysis template to complete to aid your personal growth.

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