This is one of the messages that I have been putting out on social media. This video fully articulates it better than I ever could. What do you really, really want?

You really don’t need to do a job that you hate. It’s fear that keeps you there. There isn’t a “and then” to your career. The things that we stress about:


Salary increase 

Change in company

Doing your job AND covering a long-term vacancy 

Paper award recognition or 

The KPI’s used to manage and judge you 

…..will not make you happy. 

What he says in this video is “the hardest thing to do in your career is to find a way to be happy with right now. If you can do that, there won’t be “and then.” Quit wearing stress, busyness, and overworking as badges of honour. Honour your life and it will affect your work in profound ways”. 

Don’t live for the weekend; live for right now. Don’t wait for retirement; live the life you dream of in retirement right now. When you are happy in life, your work reaps the benefits. Your leaders, shareholders, stakeholders and customers are happier because you are happier. this is a kind of career development.

Many people have to wait until a lifechanging situation happens for them to get it!

The same doesn’t have to be true for you. Live for right now. 

#careerdevelopment #mindset #inspiration

Video credit: @PrinceEA

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