When we apply for a job, we are addressing a situation that we wish to resolve. It tends to be a practical or emotional decision. On a practical level, you are looking to learn new skills, looking to develop existing skills, looking to make a change or adding to your CV experience. On an emotional level, it may be that you dislike your role, the travelling, cost of travelling, colleague, are being bullied or harassed, you may dislike manager, feel unchallenged or bored to name just a few. 

Whatever your reason, you must be clear in your mind as to why the job that you are applying for is the one for you. Many people jump from the ‘frying pan into the fire’ so to speak and tend to job hop for that reason.

If your reason for applying to the role isn’t clear to you, then you will find it difficult to make it clear to the hiring manager. It will come across in your application and any subsequent interview.

What do you want from the job that you are looking for? What does it not have to have? I would suggest that you make a list. It doesn’t have to be an exhaustive but the things that are key. Here is a basic example.

Must have: Easy to get to. No weekend working. Diverse workforce. Easy parking. Minimum £X,000k per annum, stated equal opportunities and non-bullying culture, flexible working, benefits package.

Must not have: Targets, shift working, stairs, motorway driving to get to, long working hours, long distance travelling.

Once you have decided that the advertised role ticks the boxes, you should then apply. Where was the role advertised? Do a little homework. This can be difficult if it is via an agency who haven’t provided the business name. But if you know it, look them up on their website, on LinkedIn or internet search. Who works for them? Have a look LinkedIn. 

If they are a sizable business, have a look on Glassdoor, but don’t make any decision based on the posts. Use this just to get a feel. If it is an agency, bear in mind that they earn commission and some of the lesser ones often throw jobs at everyone, regardless of suitability. Yet another reason why it is vital to be clear with what you want.

You should onsider perhaps putting a call in to the business and ask the receptionist or marketing manager some questions about the business. It all depends on how much you want to work for the organisation.

This is the basis of your job application. if you get this right, the rest of the process should flow from your point of view.

Good luck.

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