It is a fact that we all have our own personal values. Values are the rules that we use to govern our own lives. Rules that we live by. The things that we stand for that guides our behaviour. Values help us to develop and grow as individuals.

Some people have values that aren’t congruent with our own, meaning there are often clashes. They don’t meet with your own. The first values that you will have had would have been passed to you by the people closest to you when you were a very, very young child. As we grow older, as we develop our own personalities and character, we begin to adopt and embrace our own personal values.

When we live by our core personal values, we feel a sense of pride and fulfilment which makes the value stronger in our psyche.

When something matters to you, it becomes a value. You will spend time and energy demonstrating and protecting those values on a daily basis. There are literally hundreds of them out there. How much time have you ever spent understanding what yours are? You will have some that you didn’t realise you had, and some that you know to be true.

Personally, I have, and live by, many so I though I would highlight just a few.

Authenticity. Humour. Integrity. Optimism. Freedom. Environment. Self Esteem. Family. Directness. Aspiration.

Why not share your top 10 personal core values? If you want some examples to look through, contact me with your name and email and I will be happy to send it to you.

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