Based on feedback from our Clarity Cards TM with small businesses, your business growth needs have been identified. We have designed 4 workshops to give you strategies and a clear vision to help you develop yourself and your business in an affordable and accessible way. The workshops, a collaboration between K C Coaching and Improving Performance personal coaching, are as follows:

1- Kickstart Your Business: The Purple Workshop – We will look at your motivation and provide you with a Gap analysis of where you are and where you want to be as a career professional or business.

2 – Your 20-20 Vision: The Blue Workshop – We will work with you set your goals, prioritise your activity and break down your goals.

3 – Boost Your Business: The Aqua Workshop – We will use tools and activities that will support you with moving forward, provide you with the encouragement to do so and help you with your resourcefulness.

4: Love Yourself, Love Your Business: The Red workshop – This workshop will help you to feel greater acceptance, feeling valued and knowing your worth.

All 4 workshops will result in a gift for your success.

The greatest value for you will be achieved by attending all 4 workshops. Alternatively, you can attend the workshop of your choice.

The dates are:
1. 18th October 2019 – Purple Workshop

2. 15th November 2019 – Blue Workshop

3. 24th January 2019 – Aqua Workshop

4. 21st February 2019 – Red Workshop

Time: 10:30am – 1pm – After 4NETWORKING MAIDSTONE MEETINGS.

Your investment:
One off workshops £79.00 (4N Members – £49.00)

To book –

The 4N Members discount code is eb4n18oct


Contact – 07985 081680 – 0330 1070084

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