Professionalism begins in my wardrobe.

How I dress influences the first impression I make on others. I keep in mind the saying,“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” When I attend a meeting or interview, I aim to exhibit a confident, professional demeanor. If I dress casually, I appear casual.

One might interpret my casual appearance as a casual attitude toward the situation. I have covered this in a recent video on attending interviews. I am proactive when I shop for clothes. I envision the scenarios I plan to be in, and select items accordingly. I plan and stick to a budget. I avoid attire and colours that might be considered in appropriate.

At home, I consider what engagement I am dressing for and choose accordingly. 1-1 coaching ? Networking event? Speaking event? Whatever it is, I present the best possible image of myself to others. I take the time to iron my clothes and regularly dry clean items requiring special care. I keep my shoes clean and polished. My exterior influences my interior. When I look professional, I feel professional. I think and act in a formal manner. I stand taller and hold my head higher. I feel moreconfident.

My confidence radiates and others feel it. They see a professional, confident individual approaching. Before I speak a single word, I make a positive impression.

Today, I set myself up for success by considering what to wear for my next engagement. I know that perception is a big factor in how others receive me, so I plan appropriately.

Here are some Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Which colours are appropriate for an interview?                     2. How do I determine what to wear to an engagement?

3. What is my favourite outfit?                                                       4. Will I be comfortable in what I choose?

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