What if if I told you about a recently commissioned survey* that said that nearly 50 percent of people feel that they are in the wrong job, with many that are prepared to take a pay cut to land their dream role?

Click here to read more about this situation and to understand that if you are one of them, it’s not an impossible situation.

After yet another re-organisation in the company that I worked for, I was no longer in a leadership or thought leadership role. A layer of management had been taken out. 

Still got paid, still had the benefits commensurate with the grade of the job, yet I was painfully bored. Longing for Friday evening and Dreading Sunday evenings.

At the end of that year, I determined that the role was no longer one that I could motivate myself to continue in and couldn’t stand it any longer, so decided that I would look to leave after 36 years in the company. 

There was no depression, low mood, anxiety or any of that. It was simply that the job was seriously boring. Life became so much happier once the decision to take action was made.

Just like you if you are in the same situation. Click here to read more.

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