It has been widely briefed in the recruitment space that something like 70 to 80% of job openings are unadvertised.

Many of those experts believe that the trend is growing even stronger due to social media and employee referral programs.

In addition, this hidden job market often contains the most attractive positions and the highest salaries.

If you are seeking a role, then taking positive advantage of this news requires action on your part. In addition, it’s a lot more rewarding than reading or scrolling through on-line job boards and sending out emails and personal messages.

So, why not try a few of these proven techniques for discovering the best jobs?

Job Hunting Through Word of Mouth.

Gather useful information and generate the mutual benefit that you gain through networking. I’m always talking to you about networking. It’s a great benefit to you if you focus on helping others while you uncover job leads.

  1. Identify your targets. Research the organisations that you want to work for. Look through LinkedIn profiles and company directories for the names of key staff members. Ask your current contacts to introduce you to people that they know.
  2. Broaden your search. You probably have more contacts than you think. Your child’s dance teacher may have an old school friend who’s looking for a new accountant.
  3. Attend events. The internet can be fascinating, but it’s easier to make a meaningful, impactful and memorable impression when you’re face to face. Mingle at monthly professional lunches, happy hours, and awards ceremonies.
  4. You may even find out about new business ventures while you’re chatting with other parents at your child’s school play.
  5. Rehearse your pitch. Prepare an intriguing introduction. Focus on the future and what kinds of opportunities you’re looking for. You can tell you’re on the right track if others ask questions wanting to know more.

Job Hunting Through Volunteering.

Working in the community that you live  or work in can fill in the gaps in your CV when you’re unemployed. You also add new skills.

If you have a day job, use your leisure time to make connections outside the office.

Volunteer work can add to your portfolio and give you success stories that will impress your next employer.

  1. Research causes. There are always groups around that match your values or passions, whether you care about animal welfare, climate or healthcare, for instance. Believing in the cause will deepen your connection.
  2. Define your role. Volunteers do much more than stuff envelopes. Pick assignments that enable you to expand your data entry skills, launch a social media campaign, or plan a fundraising event. 
  3. Cultivate relationships. Strike up conversations with other volunteers and staff members. Depending on your activities, you may also have the chance to meet board members or interact with the public and press.

Job Hunting Through Creating Value Propositions.

Have you ever written proposals on behalf of for your employer in the execution of your job?

It may be time to write one for yourself. A compelling offer grabs attention, especially when you’re approaching cold contacts.

  1. Develop your presentation. If you’re new to writing proposals, browse online for instructions or sign up for a workshop on the subject. There is so much resource on-line that is either free or low cost that you can access to help you. Focus on your capabilities and how you can use them to serve the organization you’re targeting.
  2. Collect testimonials. Enthusiastic references will absolutely build your credibility. Ask your previous clients for feedback that you can post on your website or social media, as well as letters of recommendation that you can attach to your proposal.

Build a pipeline. It can take time to find a new position. You may want to go after shorter-term contract work while you’re waiting for a more permanent offer. Keep your eye out for additional prospects so you’ll have new projects lined up when older ones are drawing to a close.

So, in summary, having a clear strategy and a putting in a consistent effort will transform you into an insider who can successfully work their way around the hidden job market.

Meaningful work provides greater life satisfaction, so network your way to a higher salary and more senior position.

To discuss this and any other career issues, click here for your complementary discovery call. This is not a sales call but a call to outline your and understand your career or life goals.

Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash

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