I do live by this mantra and use it on my personal twitter page.

Many people will talk about their current situation, career change for example and bemoan the fact that they dislike it. Often, they tell the same complaint to many people but actually do not do anything about it.

There may be many reasons for their reluctance to take action. it could be fear. It could be finances, having people being dependent on them for something. It could be age, confidence. In fact, in can be any number of things.

This saying inspires me to take action. Only you can make changes and be responsible for them. Actions are only difficult until you’ve taken them!

For you, there will be times where you have tried to change the circumstance that you dislike and are unable to do so. If that happens, the next best thing to do, to maintain a positive mindset is to embrace the situation and see what the positives are that you can take from it.

This is where you ‘Change your attitude’.

But if you choose to do nothing, then you shouldn’t complain. Take responsibility for yourself and make a positive difference.

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