Most Coaches will tell you that no matter how well the session goes, no matter how deep you dive together into the why of the client, or what the client focus is, no action will be taken if the client isn’t motivated to achieve the goal.

The definition of Motivation has two strands – the desire to do something and the reasons behind a person’s actions or behaviour.

For me, as starting points, motivation in a person drops for one of the following reasons:

You may not have a purpose (your why), so there is no drive or desire to achieve goals and objectives.

Insufficient or zero clarity in the the journey roadmap.

You don’t find the goal exciting or fulfilling enough.

There may be too much or not enough risk.

You may have too much of a gap in the time between where you are and the endgame – the goal. So what do you do in between?

Impatience – Things going to slowly for your pace.

You prefer a slower ace and things may be moving too fast for you.

Procrastination. Something is stopping you from moving. What is it and why?

Obstacles. Unforeseen barriers or complications arise due to the plan not being thought through.

And those reasons are just for your work and career. There are relationships that can impact motivation. I prefer to stay in my lane on the particular subject of relationships , so to speak. However, they are often inextricably linked to some people and their careers when motivation is lacking or when we have greater motivation.

These things can trigger or hinder motivation so these are the areas that will be covered next week, with fantastic input from my sis, Louise who I’ve absolutely no chance of getting in front of a camera. However I will be acknowledging Lou’s significant contribution to the subject of motivation here at Improving Performance, having been motivated to do so once she got into flow.

What motivates you at work? at home? At play?

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