Sometimes your motivation might dip because the goal is not exciting enough for you, or  you don’t feel that it fulfils you enough .

There are many reasons why that might be. You may be focusing on the goal rather than the journey. It could be that, like many people, you set the goal and just hope for the best. That rarely works out well. You see, it’s the journey that makes all of the difference – it’s what you do, before you do what you mean to do, that makes all the difference.

Those actions that you take along the way, the ones that get you excited and that get you motivated when you achieve them, (because you can see the direction and progress) is what increases motivation.

Plan the little wins that you get along the way, the little things that you do everyday that can help you to stay motivated. When you achieve those wins it means that you are starting from a great position. This is a reason why many people start with making the bed! It’s something you can do every day that you can mark as a win.

Another reason that the goal doesn’t feel exciting or fulfilling could be that the goal is too far away. If this is the case you should break it down even further into short term goals that take you towards your end achievement.

We sometimes forget why we set the goal in the first place – what was the ‘why’? What is your purpose? What is the benefit of achieving your goal?

You may not have been specific enough.If it isn’t exciting it could be that you aren’t making those strides because your goal lacked specificity – You need to add detail.

It could also be that the goal is overwhelming and it looks too big for you to achieve. It could also be that you’re not in control of the end result. If this is the case, you should wind the actions back to a place where you still have control of the outcome and change the direction with fast action results. That’s something that I can help you with.

If It Isn’t Hard Enough…

Some people, while goal setting, aren’t aiming high enough. There is a saying that ‘if it isn’t tough to achieve, it isn’t worth doing’. A good goal should stretch you and challenge you so that when you achieve it, you have taken a journey of growth and learning. Anything less is merely a task!

Are you one for procrastination? If you procrastinate, it will be because there’s part of your brain that doesn’t believe that you want to achieve this goal. It’s designed to protect you. A conversation with me can help you with that!

Finally, you could be looking for motivation when what you ought to be looking for are good habits. It’s habits that get you to your end goal. Doing something repetitively, so that your mind creates new neural pathways is what will make you more likely to achieve your goal.

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