You can read in the media about the furlough cliff edge having been postponed until September to protect jobs. Hopefully, that is the case.


We should remember that this is because of the concern that it would signal a cliff edge of job losses. This won’t be the case in the majority of cases, thankfully.

However. When you are on furlough and business decisions made by your employer don’t have the desired outcome for you, you do have some options.

Of course, if this happens, there is a full gamut of emotions that we go through, from shock, denial, frustration, anger until you come to acceptance. How long you stay in those emotional states is up to you.

With the potential of thousands of people facing the UK furlough situation ending badly for them, you ought to consider that you don’t have time to mope.

People want time to come to terms with situations, perhaps feeling sorry for themselves. That’s fair. So, ask yourself this today.

Do you want to wallow, feeling sorry for yourself, but also be comfortable in the knowledge that you have a good plan to take the next step in your career journey?


Do you want to be that person that wallows in their misfortune, with no idea what they are going to do next?

Today, you have a choice. In six month’s time you might not.

It doesn’t mean that the future is bleak. There are many initiatives being rolled out right now to help people now and in the immediate and short-term future.

What options are open to you?

What can you do today to provide yourself with a robust plan? A head start?

What is stopping you?

Contact me today for a complimentary conversation to explore your options.

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