I have been a little quiet of late on social media, particularly with the Improving Performance website. I shouldn’t allow distractions to take me off course, but sometimes stuff happens.

We have moved home but not quite gotten to the end zone. Building regs, council lethargy and red tape means we are ‘Inbetweeners’ at the moment, which is a bit of an adventure and will be worth the delay.

The other distraction is that I’ve now entered my 7th decade. The Big 60! I’ve already received a letter from the NHS! Those that know, know!

What does this make possible for me?

Focus of the mind.

Things to be done with greater intent.

Lives to positively impact.

Age is a mindset thing. I like to harness the power of a positive mindset.

I have a process for myself. It starts just as I am about to go to sleep. I write down three things that I am TRULY grateful for. Psychologically, I then wake up the next morning in a good mood.

I write a journal. I write my targets for the day whilst I have my first coffee in my journal. Then I set about my actions for the day:

  • How I greet people and how I respond to greetings. I make it real. It changes there responses too?
  • I recognise good things that happen during the day, no matter how small and I make a note.
  • I identify wins for the day – something I could brag about in my journal.
  • I do one thing that I love to do every day!
  • Always smile and try to add value to someone else’s day – serving.
  • I end the day by checking I’ve achieved what I set out to do today and 3 things that I am grateful for,

Try them, and see how your day changes.

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