Focused Action Results Program?

This fast paced program delivers short term actions, actions that deliver career wins in the short term. It is for people who need and are committed to achieving results now and who are committed to taking action to improve their career options now.
what is a life coach

Focused Action Results

Achieve your results faster by engaging.

You free up some energy around an issue that you feel is stuck.

Understand how your mood or viewpoint may be limiting what you see.

Gain some insight on the nature of the problem that is holding you back.

Explore the possibilities or options that may be available to you.

Widen your view and look at something from a totally different viewpoint.

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It starts with understanding


Who are not fully committed, who like to complain and make excuses.

Those who are afraid to make decisions, afraid to take action and are just information collectors who just hop from one program to another.

Anyone not serious about developing  their career or growing their business in the next 12 months

Making positive steps for your own future
what is a life coach

This program is for you if...

You want to make a change to your direction NOW and are willing to make that investment in yourself.

  • You are committed totalling ACTION
  • You are SERIOUS about getting career results.
  • You are often overlooked for advancement in the workplace
  • You are stuck in a role
  • You are frustrated at not earning your worth.
  • Reluctant to retrain as talent erodes
  • The need to contribute
  • Fear change due to risk
Clear action planning
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Take responsibility 


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Reg Goslin - Life Coach
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