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How much does a session cost?

It would be easier to say that we charge by the package. Whilst it is possible to get what you need from one session, it is unlikely to be effective. Charges are therefore dependent on the package.

How do I know if Coaching will be right for me?

The truthful answer is that you don’t know. When you are ready, we will have a free of charge discussion to determine whether coaching is right for you or if you are the right client for coaching. Often, some clients require a counsellor which means coaching isn’t right for you. Counsellors work with clients on what has happened were as coaches help you with what will happen.

Do you specialise? Can you help me with progressing my career or my business?

Absolutely, My background is business sales. However coaching can be applied to any scenario so, yes, I can help you to move forward to achieve the results that you ned to achieve.

How long does coaching last?

That really depends on the client. Sessions can be weekly, monthly or bi-monthly. It really depends on you, your needs and the timescale between your last session and the actions you will take.

What if after a few sessions, coaching doesn’t work for me?

Coaching is 100 percent predicated on the client taking action. If, as a client you are not sufficiently motivated enough to take action, then that is fine and you do not need to book further sessions. There are no refunds mid-program. The results are in the clients hands as the coach does not tell the client what to do.

Who else has been coached and what has been the outcome?

Take a look at the testimonials page. I try to provide a couple of people who have made progress and happy to talk about it.

How and where do we have to meet?

Coaching sessions are completed over Skype. There are occasions where, logistically, we are able to meet face to face.

What made you want to become a coach?

I do go through this on my bio, but essentially, I am a people person and am very enthusiastic about people development and what people can achieve if they are sufficiently focused.

Why performance coaching and not personal coaching?

Professional coaches tend to work in niches. I have chosen ‘Careers’ to specialise though my background is sales. My focus is entirely on the results that the client needs to achieve. Therefore performance coaching, goal oriented, achievement plans is my ‘specialism’.

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