Virtual Sales Manager

What is Virtual sales Manager?

The Virtual sales Manager program is a bespoke service for client facing businesses that have a need to secure temporary sales performance management support for their teams.

With over 30 years of sales leadership experience in the telecoms and networks field, I have lead teams to deliver new business with millions of pounds in revenues. You never lose that.

Todays markets and commercial environments are faster and more dynamic than ever for all of us.

This is whether our role is externally facing towards customers, suppliers and influences, or internal, supporting critical parts of the business to deliver our brand and positioning promise.

We need to be highly competent in our functional fields of expertise. Not only that, each of us is now expected to be able to define and deliver top class sales and communications performance for a whole host of different audiences.

Each have different implications for us as sales professionals and the reputation of our organisations.

Free of the dogma of processes, targets and office politics, As Virtual sales Manager, I can get straight to the core of your teams’ performance problem.

There are many sales leaders and managers who want to help their teams to grow and develop in order to deliver the best performance and a string team.

However, as always with these things, something comes along, or a pressure from above is applied to deliver. All their best intentions are gone.

Also, having a one size fits all approach to sales hits the buffers as soon as we realise that clients and customers don’t come in one size.

You recruited your sales people because they had ‘something’. If what you’re doing isn’t working, do something different to develop that ‘something’ out of them.

“Don’t Waste Good” – L J Gibbs

I help with:

Individual development

Current Role Development

Sales Skills

Strategic career Plan

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