Ridicule Is Nothing To Be Scared Of!

One of the strategies that I use to market my practice and extend my brand awareness is Visibility. Visibility is being seen wherever and whenever my potential client’s hangout. For me, these include networking events, expo’s, social media, business events and...

Fast Action Results Program Launch

We are delighted to launch a program that complements the Career Advance and Development program. It is designed to help you to: Free up some energy around an issue that feels stuck and rigid.Discover how your mood or perspective may be limiting what you see.Gain some...
The Autumn Transition

The Autumn Transition

Now that we have officially moved into the Autumn, or Fall as our Stateside friends call the season, I’m minded of my need to push myself every day. It’s a challenge for me that happens every single year. You see, I’m not a fan of Autumn. I...

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