I’ve had the very rare situation where I’ve been home alone for 7 days. I’ve been working, attending meetings and networking as usual, but I found a few moments where I’ve had a longer time than usual to contemplate and consider what I’ve done so far, what’s happening now and what’s happening next. I’ve also had time to consider, while I’ve not taken them for granted, and as a result of my temporary single status, things that have taken time out of my day. So it’s the opportunity to appreciate the things that are done for me – like cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, washing clothes preparing food etc. Not so much the act, (I was brought up to take care of myself), but it’s more the time to do them without interruption of my routine. It’s a reminder to say thank you and appreciate Mrs G more than I do.

It’s a reminder that I have friends and family who regularly balance their work, family, social life and domestic chores without anyone saying ‘well done’ or ‘thank you’. But there may, sometimes, actually be a cost to balancing your demanding schedule!

To everyone, what do you do to keep yourself sharp and ready to take on the day and to be kind to yourself? I’ve mentioned in previous posts about the negative words you say to yourself. It’s so important to gain the awareness to notice when it happens. It means not holding yourself to such high standards that you cannot achieve them and then criticising yourself. It means putting an end to comparing yourself to others and to beating yourself up for making a mistake, or for not being good enough at something. Being kind to yourself means being your own sponsor! You know what I’m going to say. Do it today.

Well done and be kind to yourself.

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