Communication consists of sending audio and visual messages which involve speaking, listening, writing and understanding. It’s a minimum two-way thing and takes at least two people to complete.

It’s extremely important to have good communication skills in all areas of your life. You have to communicate at almost every opportunity. You may be sending a text message, writing an email, talking to someone face to face or via a device, or listening to someone. 

When communication is not done effectively this can lead to unresolved issues and difficulties.

Would you say that you know how to communicate well in your everyday life? A person that communicates well displays the following characteristics

  • They know how to pay attention.
  • They actively listen to demonstrate that they understand the situation.
  • They pay attention to the person who is speaking.
  • They look directly into the eyes of this person.
  • They watch for and display good body language, including facial and hand gestures.

When you improve your communication skills and become a good communicator, you’ll find it easier to build relationships and keep them. People who communicate well can work on a team and produce fantastic results. 

Listening skills have to be on the top of the skill list for communication. You can’t respond well if you don’t clearly understand the situation. The best way to develop your skills is by doing the following: 

  • Pay attention and then ask questions, especially if you are unsure of a certain point.
  • Show the person sympathy and understanding, even if your own feelings are differ.
  • Don’t interrupt the person when they are speaking. Let them finish talking before taking your turn and if necessary present your point of view.
  • Do not judge people. Everyone is entitled to their point of view on any subject. This essentially means that there is no one right or one wrong view point on anything.

When you can put all of these things into action, you’re on your way to becoming a good listener. Once you have mastered this skill then you can improve your other communication skills such as writing and speaking. 

You may agree that it will be much easier to respond by email to someone, for example, when you have fully understood the issue. This will be because you took the time to listen attentively in the first place. 

Remember. Taking the time to improve your communication skills can help improve all areas of your life, including building your self-confidence and your self-esteem. 

If you need any help with these areas, give me a call or drop me a message.

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