One of the strategies that I use to market my practice and extend my brand awareness is Visibility.

Visibility is being seen wherever and whenever my potential client’s hangout. For me, these include networking events, expo’s, social media, business events and webinars. I show up virtually and physically, but the key thing is that I show up, and show up consistently.

The positives to showing up consistently are obvious, but todays viewer, listener, audience can, potentially become a client in 6 months or a year. You can become the ‘go-to’ person in your field of expertise. People will learn valuable tips, hacks and insights from you. That is how you add value in the meantime,

The downside is that you are….visible. Being visible you can sometimes attract the haters. You can attract criticism, negativity and judgement from people you know and from strangers/followers

I know people who don’t like to comment on social media or speak up in public forums or in local work meetings in case they are judged, ‘found out’, make a mistake or make fools of themselves, in their eyes.

To those people I say this – The people that stand up, stand out!
They have a voice that has been heard.
You should not expect all people to like what you have to say, expect that they will agree with what you say or do or support you.

Have courage in your conviction. Develop an unshakeable belief in yourself. If you have faith in yourself then you won’t need to concern yourself with trying to be perfect on camera, perfect with your grammar, your voice or clothing. Just be your authentic self. Anything else is just noise.

As Adam Ant said – “Ridicule is nothing to be scared of”.

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