One of the basic needs that we have as people is the sense of purpose. It is the reason that you do whatever you do and is a vital component to achieving a fulfilling life. Having a strong sense of purpose has a very positive impact on your sense of well being. When you have a strong sense of purpose, you rarely wake in the morning wondering what you are going to do with yourself today.

The positive effect is that life can become that little bit easier for you. Perhaps even less stressful. We need purpose. If we don’t have purpose in our lives, that’s when we can be open to facing psychological challenges – negativity, doubt, sadness. Those kinds of thoughts rarely lead to anywhere good.
Therefore, having purpose feeds your positive self, self esteem, motivation levels and hopes/dreams.

Everyone has a sense of purpose. It’s our driver. It just may not be a strong one.
If you aren’t in touch with yours or don’t feel that you don’t have one, challenge yourself. Ask yourself today – What is my ultimate goal?

How a coach can help you

Careers are no different. Getting up and going to work provides a variety of purpose. If you aren’t getting what you need from your career, or your role isn’t feeding your sense of purpose and you’re not sure how to develop or move forward, then that is when a coach can make the difference. Having an objective and setting a deadline is the difference between a dream and a goal.

Just Imagine…..

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