What a coach is.

A coach focusses an already functioning professional on reaching higher levels of excellence and satisfaction in their career and life

Is goal oriented and solution focussed

Focussed on the future

Works with people on practicalities to improve their circumstances

Reasons to engage Reg Goslin.

I work with you in 4 areas –

Learning about yourself and definition of your goals,

Formulating a plan that will use your skills and strengths,

Triggering your motivation for the change and the results that you need to achieve

Provide structure, encouragement and support.


To do this you will find that:

I am engaging, I am non-judgemental, everything we discuss is fully confidential.

I have walked your path and I understand the challenges and obstacles that you face.

My specialized area is career and career development and this is not a hobby – I am a full time professional.

I work personally with individuals and I work with you on your mindset, challenge any beliefs that hinder your success.

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