If you’ve not heard of mini-habits, then you’re going to, hopefully, enjoy this. 

Imagine making only small adjustments in your life, and still managing to create impactful and meaningful change. 

The mini-habit is just what it sounds like – It’s based on the premise that doing lots of small things will eventually add up to something stunning. For example, if you had a goal of being more aware of current affairs.

What would happen if you only read a couple of news articles every day? Before you know it, you’d have accomplished the goal of becoming more informed, and would be better able to handle discussions about current affairs. 

Mini-habits don’t stop there though. Not only can your mini-habit change how you get things done, but they impact your mind and body as well. Interested? Ok, read on to discover the powerful benefits of Mini-habits.

You create an atmosphere of success. 

By setting small goals, you’re much more likely to meet them. So instead of telling yourself that you’re going to return all of your phone calls promptly, you instead focus on returning the next phone call on time. 

That takes off the huge expectations that always feel so daunting in the past, leaving you with a feeling of failure when you couldn’t quite achieve it. 

What’s even better is that meeting these small goals means you get to a point where you start expecting success, which leads to the mindset that will generate that success that you’re expecting. 

You change how you view your capabilities. 

By accomplishing mini-goals, you start to realise that you do have the ability and power to accomplish things. Your confidence grows, and you gain a better, more positive sense of your abilities.  

You rediscover motivation. 

Motivation is sometimes hard to come by and gets used up quickly. That’s why mini-habits are important as they don’t rely on motivation to accomplish the things you need to get done; they grow from willpower instead. Then, as you reach those goals, you start to feel the energy of that success, which in turn creates motivation to keep going. 

You create a series of changes that you will carry with you your entire life. 

Mini-habits done daily will build up those larger habits that you’ve been trying to build all along. Like starting with a single push-up every day and creating almost as a by-product that habit of daily exercise that had seemed so daunting not all that long ago.

Mini-Habits not only change how we do things but change how we think and act. By making a practice of following mini-habits, you will affect some pretty major change. 

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