If there is one thing that would make a leader want to scream, it’s if they see an individual ‘coasting’.

For me, that’s the biggest waste of talent there is.

To intentionally not give of your best for a prolonged period is bad for the business, bad for the customer, bad for your team mates and bad for you.

‘Coasting’ is when you know your job inside out, you no longer feel it to be a challenge, or you no longer enjoy it, so you do the bare minimum to get through the day.
You take your salary and have no ‘skin in the game’. You can do that, but why would you?

Sometimes there are reasons why an individual may behave in this way. For example;
They may have been passed over for a role that they wanted.
They didn’t get the rise that they felt they deserved.
They may be being asked to do the work of two people.
Or they are bored.

Culpable inefficiency is worse than being lazy or not very good at your job.

Doing the bare minimum risks your reputation. People will come to know to not rely on you. It can impact team performance and customers may realise that you don’t go the extra mile for them.

So. If you feel that this may be you, ask yourself this question.

“What needs to change or happen for me to deliver of my best self?”

Then try to understand who owns that action and engage.

Growth comes at the end of an uncomfortable conversation.

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