If I had a pound for every time I heard someone say “Oh, you’re in Spain…you’re really lucky”. Or “you’re really lucky to be able to blah blah”, I’d have enough to pay a gas bill at todays prices!

There is not one iota of luck involved. Luck is an outcome brought about by chance rather than through your own actions.

Doing something that is good for you as a result of your own action isn’t luck. You might have clicked on a link and paid for something. That can be rather fortuitous.

Shit can happen that takes you off course, that alters your life trajectory. When that happens, you have a choice.

Wallow or Walk!

Wallowing will get you some pity, lots of tea and an appearance of weakness.

Walking takes you forward.

That’s why, this week, I’m using taking personal responsibility as a topic. I kid you not, I have had several people talk to me excitedly about having changed their situation.

I have also had a few telling me that they’re ‘bored’ and nothing is going their way. I need to do this thing but don’t know how. My response was “listen, just jump and learn to fly on the way down’.

We laughed, but that person fully understood and embraced what I meant.

Do something. Even if it fails. Because I can guarantee you this, doing nothing will get you exactly where you are right now!




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