Well, it’s been a week now since the hazy and often euphoric state that you were on when the clock struck midnight on 01/01/2019. At that moment, a blank page was in front of you. Nothing was drawn on it – no blemish, no plans, no negativity or frustrations. It was a moment. Some of us made positive promises to ourselves that we would achieve something that we have wanted to do for some time. This is the moment when we feel at our most motivated and capable.

Last week, I talked about how you keep that commitment and continue to be motivated to achieving that goal rather than have it melt away in the first week. Something popped into my mailbox this morning which prompted me to engage to keep you going.

The resolution that you made to improve your personal self, along with the actions that you committed to taking should be on your daily plan. One of the things to keep you on track and motivated is understanding why you have the resolution; why you have the goal that you want to achieve, what is the purpose and what is the benefit? Be clear about this. Be specific. Remember – SMART. For example: ‘I resolve to get healthier in 2019 and save £120 per month. I will do this by stopping smoking, starting today. I am going to book a holiday this week and use the £120 per month that I save from smoking to pay for it by 31 May”.

Reminding yourself of the goal and the benefit – that this was to become healthier and understanding why you wanted to be healthier, (it could be that you want to run a marathon or have a condition that will improve if you’re healthier, etc) actually helps to keep your motivation as it is your overall belief in the goal that will continue to inspire you and keep you on track.

What is your ‘Why”?

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