What Is Your Purpose?

A purpose is an aim. An objective to be achieved over a period of time. In order to thrive and survive, the human being must have a purpose to their life. A reason for being. Whatever your purpose is, it guides your decision making, influences your behaviour and is driven by your values and beliefs infrastructure. With careers, your purpose will be defined if it is something that you studied for or are passionate about. Or you may have a job that you do with the purposes of achieving more practical outcomes. Aspiration is important to many with regards to their career journey. Understanding your purpose often results in a person living a more meaningful life compared to those that don’t.

It is Purpose Week at Improving Performance personal coaching and we have produced some 9 short blogs to cover the subject. We believe they will be of benefit to you. We do hope that you find it engaging.

Click on the links to read the blogs.

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