Life has a way of throwing obstacles directly in my path. I know that the road to my career goal is filled with many hurdles. But, I am committed to overcoming them and reaching my goals.

I am a dreamer with a clear vision. I realize that holding on to dreams without a plan is foolish. It is the quickest way to lose focus on a goal and end up disappointed.

I sometimes get sidetracked by other aspects of my life that are competing for my attention. But I quickly get back on track.

I embrace the career I have chosen, and I am passionate about it. I renew my focus on my career each day.

My mirror is my guide. It helps me stay true to my beliefs. It forces me to look honestly at myself and what is important to me. When I look at myself each morning, I feel motivated to do my best at work.

I rely on support from my family and friends to keep the faith. They acknowledge my talents and work ethic. They believe I am destined to achieve my career goals.

My loved ones celebrate special milestones in my career with me. Their love encourages me.

Today, I believe that nothing can stop me as I pursue my career goal. I am committed to staying the course despite challenges along my way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

How do I feel when a peer reaches a career goal before I do?
When has my determination been hindered by self-doubt?
Why have I chosen the career journey I am on?

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