From MONDAY, 28th September, we will be working on a 5 day Challenge to Restart Your Career Journey, where I show you how to:

✳️ How to understand exactly where you are and where you want to be with your job and career by stating your PASSION and PURPOSE.

✳️You will understand the strategic and tactical steps to take to put yourself in a position to secure tour dream role.

✳️ Why not STAND OUT from the masses on recruitment sites and IMPROVE your chances of securing an interview?

✳️ LEARN tips and hacks that that instantly position you more favourably as a candidate

✳️ It will give you the CONFIDENCE to apply for your dream role if you do the steps that we go through across the 5 days.

This is our first free challenge and the energy that will be generated in an interactive group will be what makes it even more successful.

✅ Understand how to write an impactful CV.

✅ Effectively highlight your skills across platforms, in a paragraph.

✅How to prepare for an interview how to perform and

✅ Understand the importance following up. Restarting Your Career Journey

To reserve your place in the “FREE Facebook Restart Your Career Journey” join the group.

The challenge will also be posted here and on LinkedIn for non Facebook users.

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