My successes with clients have come when they have not known what the answer is. The reason that they have struggled with the answer is because they actually didn’t know what the question was – the problem.

With structured conversations, I tend to wait for the clients ‘aha’ moment. That is when I know that they have got it. That is when opportunity is knocking on their door.

I have to admit, it’s also a really sexy moment for me. For those actually that know me, I never had two ears and one mouth. Not at all! So the hard part in my training was managing that.

So, when they have their breakthrough moment, I am excited for them and always look forward to the next step and don’t add anything to their moment. It’s all theirs.

This is because, whilst I work with clients, I am always coaching. I rarely give advice unless it’s asked for. Helping people to work things out for themselves is a skill that I not only enjoy, but also enjoy witnessing.

So. Here is my (rhetorical) question for you.

What one thing could you do today that will take you one step closer to the goal that you want to achieve?

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