Career development or developing a career is key to your success. Imagine doing the same thing at work, over and over again. Every day. With nothing ever changing or improving. 

You’re delivering what you are being paid to deliver and the management are happy. You can do it in your sleep, right?

You may receive training on a regular basis to develop in the role on the objectives that you deliver. However, there is a difference between employee development and career development!

What Is The Difference Between Employee Development And Career Development?

Employee development is the business or organisation that you work for investing in training to ensure that the standards are being improved and that your capability is maintained to that high standard.

Career development is a process whereby you grow your status to a level that you can achieve you that next step in your career journey.

The decisions that you make today should be part of your career plan. You shouldn’t leave it up to fate. For career development, you should have a career development plan. It doesn’t even need to be formal. You can keep it simple. Like “I want to achieve x by Y but doing Z. Then you can think about ‘what resources do I need to get there’?

Being aware of your abilities and surrounding yourself with people who can help you – mentors, coaches, colleagues, will absolutely improve your chances of achieving those career goals.

You will improve those chances further with someone who will walk beside you on your career journey. That person will will help you to increase your motivation and your activity in order to push yourself and take advantage of new opportunities that will arise.

Because you will be ready.

Because you planned.

Because you called me.

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